Analytics and management platform for social media

Set of tools for social media account analysis, management, benchmarking and demonstration of promotion success

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Powered by official API Facebook

Use our 100% legal service. Keep your account protected against shadow bans

Free access

Track and analyze main Instagram metrics for free

Multiple accounts support

Track metrics of all accounts simultaneously in one place

The most accurate statistics

We track every single parameter of Instagram accounts in order to provide you with the most accurate statistics

Very effective and efficient

Using the latest developments in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Cloud Computing and Internet Marketing we create best of the class products.

No specific knowledge required

If you can use social media, you have enough knowledge to use the majority of our products.

Every product is a super hero with super power

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Analyze statistics and optimize content on Instagram

iXrayinsta hero analyses statistics of your business account on Instagram and provides it in a certain way. Successful portfolio, answers on comments, post scheduler and other handy tools for work with Instagram



Become more visible on Facebook with little effort

Our IxrayFB hero knows all Facebook's tricks which makes him an irreplaceable assistant for everyone promoting their Facebook account



More popular your group is more deals you can make

Our iXrayVK hero is a girl with Russian DNA. Give her your group and see what she is capable of

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