iXray — analytics and management platform for social media

The main concept of the service is to simplify interaction with social media and to make it more efficient

The service you can trust

Let’s have a look:

  • works via official API
  • does not require password of your Instagram account
  • does not offer grey or black methods of promotion due to illegality of such methods

iXray is a modern software product, which works on a base of cloud technologies. The service provides an opportunity to analyse Big Data and interpret it from Internet Marketing point of view

The fruits of our labours are a reliable platform for social media analysis which is accessible to anyone in the world


The first product which has been released was iXrayInsta – Instagram statistics

We are proud that each and every registered user can get it absolutely free and without any time usage limits


History of the project

Making interaction with social media simpler and smoother – that was the goal which was set at the very beginning of iXray

When the Poddubnyi family (Pavel - husband, Tatiana - wife and Andrew - son) were living in Australia, Tatiana started managing the family Instagram account where she shared her ideas, feelings and just basic information about living in Down Under. When the account got 1k followers she realised that it took not only considerable amount of her time to manage it, but also there was a lack of tools to get proper statistics of it. Having tested many different tools for managing and benchmarking Instagram accounts, she realised that the majority of them was developed for professionals, hence hardly understood by a person without special knowledge. After some discussions with Pavel who was taken Data science course in University of South Australia that time, they decided to create a project which would provide an average person with an access to power of big data and intelligence in a simple and fast way. That was the beginning of the iXray project

The idea behind the name iXray came from “I Xray Instagram”. Having returned to Moscow in the middle of July 2019 they hired a small but very professional team of programmers and started the project. Six months later, the first version of iXrayInsta product was released

iXray today

Now, it is a fully functioning analytics platform, which tracks dynamics of Instagram accounts indicators

It doesn’t require any special knowledge. Moreover, it helps in sharing information about your account with prospective advertisers

In order to make the journey in the world of statistics more interesting, we created the iXrayInsta character

Training its skills, you get new opportunities to expand your business account on Instagram


Stay informed

We are not stopping here and keep working on increasing the platform functionality. In the nearest future we will add support of Facebook, Vkontakte, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok and other social networks

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