Why choose us?

9 reasons in favor for iXray

Operating by official Facebook API

Unlike most competitors, iXray service works by the official Facebook Business API

Working on a base of unofficial third-party services can lead to the block of your account. Facebook API reduces to zero such a risk

__Как работают большинство других сервисов

Other services
Unofficial API
High risk of shadow ban
Your Instagram

__Как работает iXray

Official Facebook API
Safety guarantee
Your Instagram

You spend money and effort on your business. With iXray you have no need to worry about results security of your working

Do you wish a long and happy life to your account? Use iXrayInsta - service which officially interacts with Instagram

Check stats for any period

Instagram shows statistics on just a few indicators. They are not enough to analyze the business account and social activity

iXray monitors in detail all account parameters, publications, and stories. As a result, you get in-depth analytics and advanced stats

Use the handy filter to choose any period for which stats and analytics are required

Free stats and analytics of Instagram business account

Instagram business profile is your opportunity to manage target ads and learn profile stats

Without checking stats, you lose control of the situation. Analysis is a tool to improve and promote your account

Free iXray analytics is based on 15 critical indicators:

"Received Likes" indicator:

Likes received

This indicator shows how many likes your account received for the selected period. In this case, there were 2065 likes

A dynamic indicator displays the difference in comparison with the previous similar period. In this example, account received 20 likes more than earlier

Most competitors of iXrayInsta show the number of likes referenced to the date of publication. It is incorrect. Imagine: a post was published on February 21, 2019. At the start of May, it received 65 likes. But competitors graphics display all the 65 likes on the date February 21, 2019. But this is false. So, you can’t strictly analyze the user activity and your posting strategy to make it more effective

iXray graphics show the actual number of likes per day

Free stats and analytics of publications and stories

Instagram posts and stories analysis is the must-do of every account manager

Only this way you can understand if followers like your content and what to do to promote

Here are iXray stats indicators for each post of your Instagram:

Comments Impressions Engagement rate Likes rate Comments rate Savings rate
Savings Reach Engagement on reach rate Likes on reach rate Comments on reach rate Saving on reach rate

The additional indicators for video:

Views Views rate Views on reach rate

Here are iXray stats indicators for each story of your Instagram:

Impressions Average impressions Reach Reach rate Taps back
Taps forward Exits Replies Completion rate
Engagement rate (ER) is counted

ER (Engagement Rate) is the level of audience engagement with your content

ER is measured as a percentage Instagram ER is an indicator of user interactions with your content

Select the period and check the average engagement of the audience in general and among the unique users

Average engagement rate

This indicator shows the Engagement Rate (ER) of the selected period. In this case, the ER is 14.2%

A dynamic indicator displays the difference in comparison with the previous similar period. In this example, the ER is for 2,3% more than earlier

The answer to the question “Why is my ER shows 0?” you can find in our blog. Article named “How to count the average, like everybody or in the right way?"


iXray services are available by almost any device. You can watch Instagram stats by computer, tablet or smartphone

Several accounts management

iXray allows to maintain and receive stats of multiple accounts at once

Support for accounts with two-factor authentication

iXray can manage accounts with two-factor authentication